How to publish application notes and whitepapers on the Resistor Guide?


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Resistor manufacturers, universities and other experts are invited to submit articles for publication on Our goal is to be the most complete, independent information reference for resistor theory and applications. Any submitted article should contribute to this goal. The majority of our readers are electrical engineers that are based in the US, and from the age of 45 till 55. Other important visitor groups are electronics hobbyists and engineering students. Guest articles are a beautiful way to share your article with this electrical engineering public. Publishing your article is free of charge. 

We of course allow to refer to your company and we will place a link to your website. However, we will only publish quality informational articles such as application notes and whitepapers that really help our engineering community.  Before contacting us, please read the article requirements carefully.

Article Requirements

Submitted articles are screened before publication. We reserve the right to not publish if we believe the article doesn’t meet our quality requirements. The minimum requirements for the article are listed below. Please read them carefully, but do not hesitate to ask us questions:

  • Main text: Between 1000 and 2500 words. Please include (quality) images. 
  • About the author/company text: Between 100 and 300 words. Please don’t forget to include an image of the author and image/logo of your company. If wanted, we will place a link to your company, university or website here.
  • The content must be new and original. We cannot accept articles that are already (partly) published on other websites or books. 
  • Images: Please include high quality images for the main text. Maximum width is around 700 px, so the image should be
  • Text style: The text should be written in easy to understand (US) English. It should be a technical article that explains theory about a resistor type, an application or a how-to guide. Please don’t submit general articles that are already covered on We also cannot accept advertorial text. This doesn’t make our readers happy. On the other hand, if you provide a useful application note or white paper, you will generate traffic through the link that we allow in the “about the author” section.


Submit your articles and images or questions to [email protected].